Crikey! It’s Murdoch vs Streisand, news for the un-newsed, Go Ask Beatrice and going viral on LinkedIn

‘Some pills make you larger, some pills make you small, and the ones Beatrice Sparks gives you don’t do anything at all!’

In which we explore what Lachlan Murdoch has in common with Barbara Streisand, why Channel 5 is both the past and the future of news and how a middle-aged Mormon housewife channelled her inner drug-addicted teenager to become a publishing sensation. Served with a chaser of LinkedIn self-congratulation!

The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious links

By Crikey – Murdoch and a minnow flirting with the Streisand EffectThe Sydney Morning Herald

YouTube hit Channel 5 News is “reporting for people who don’t watch the news” – Nieman Lab

‘One of the ultimate taboos’: The bizarre story of how a bestselling teendager’s diary was exposed as a fabrication – ABC News

‘I am still better, just in a different way:)’

Finally, a Viral Post Generator for LinkedIn posts so you can spend more time on #career #goals The Guardian

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