12 – Don’t want a personal brand? Too bad, it’s the 21st century

In which we speak with culture whisperer Susie Khamis about why personal branding has become an inescapable part of contemporary life. Plus, influencers in the raw, Trump on trial, real estate wankers on screen and the power of stranger music.

‘He’s older than us!’

The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious links

‘How utterly brilliant!’ Kate Bush reacts to explosion of success for old song

Ogilvy will no longer work with influencers who edit their bodies or faces

The criminal case against Donald Trump

“Conniving, backstabbing scum!” Margaret Pomeranz Wonderfully Unloads on Luxe Listings Sydney

Interview links

Susie Khamis

Self-branding, microcelebrity and the rise of Social Media Influencers – the most-viewed and most-cited article in Journal of Celebrity Studies‘ history (not that we’re bragging or anything!)

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