Episode 10 – Pre-loved clothing, energy efficient TV ads and the most annoying thing about reality TV

Is the UAP the Edsel of the 21st century?

In which we muse about how killing advertising could save the planet – if Meta doesn’t do it first! Meanwhile, Ray bangs on about why reality TV gives him the s***s to expert Graeme Turner – and no, it’s not pre-loved influencer togs. 

Interview links

See Episode 3 for Graeme Turner interview links

Love on the Spectrum – help up by Graeme as an example of ‘uplifting’ reality TV (no, it’s not necessarily a contradiction in terms!)

The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious links

What did Clive Palmer get for his $100m ad splurge? – Mumbrella

Ad of the Day: Heineken Brazil’s ‘all black’ ad saves enough energy to power a small town

Meta’s Updated Privacy Policy is a Simplified (and Terrifying) Explanation of What Data They’re Constantly Capturing

Love Island’s eBay styling could change second-hand buying habits

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