Episode 9 – Virtual influencers, murder and the mystery of the missing bite

‘What does a virtual influencer spend their money on?’

In which we update listeners about the ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ case, finish our interview with influencer expert Nataly Levesque, ask why Kim Kardashian airbrushes her burgers, look at America’s ‘clear as mud’ gun culture and bemoan the fact that even virtual influencers are making more money than we are! 

The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious links

Author who wrote How to Murder Your Husband convicted of murdering her husband – ABC News

Kim Kardashian has gone viral after being caught pretending to eat a burger in new ad

US gun terror: why is owning guns so important to Americans?

“That is adorable!” Says it all, really…

Interview links

See Episode 2 for Nataly Levesque links

A link to a satirical review of the show Byron Baes which two old ABC viewers found amusing!

Virtual characters bring real benefits for entertainers and fans

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