Episode 1 – Putin, Big Brother, deepfakes and (shock horror) lying politicians

We kick things off by exploring SpecSavers’ ‘clear as mud’ billboard campaign, discussing how deepfakes are influencing modern warfare and fact-checking Australia’s Prevaricator-in-Chief. Meanwhile, Orwellian professor Mark Satta describes how Vladimir Putin is mirroring the techniques of the original Big Brother from 1984.

Interview links

Mark Satta’s website

Mark’s views on Putin and Orwell via The Conversation

Epistemic Tribalism, Epistemic Chaos and Epistemic Exhaustion

George Orwell’s Philosophical Views

The Good, The Bad and The Hilarious links

The SpecSavers billboard campaign

A Zelensky deepfake was quickly defeated. The next one may not be

How to spot fake footage from Ukraine and elsewhere

Scott Morrison claims he’s never lied in public life and that’s actually not the truth, Ellen

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