Spotlight on Nick

As part of our “Spotlight On” series, this week we interviewed Nick Kavo, a current MQ Bachelor of Marketing and Media student. Nick began studying at Macquarie in 2014 and is set to graduate at the end of 2018.

During his time at Macquarie Nick has acquired marketing and media experience both inside and outside classroom. Nick started his Instagram account in the early days of the platform cultivating a following of 26,000. He has become a bona fide influencer connecting on average with 2,500 followers per post and has engagement of 10%.

When we talked Nick about his journey to becoming an influencer, the soon to be MQ graduate told us;

“It started out as going on family holidays and going away with friends, I had a good camera at the time and I was able to create content and bring it out to an audience.

It was at a time when Instagram was a lot more organic, it was easier to reach more people as opposed to now when there is so many people on the platform”

Throughout his time at Macquarie, Nick gained marketing and media experience and applied the theory he learned in the classroom to the real world. We asked Nick how his degree helped him become an influencer.

“You can use lot of the skills you learn in marketing and media and apply it to being an influencer. You’re essentially marketing a product which is yourself, so its the positioning, promotion, targeting etc. Find your niche, stick to your niche and consistently deliver that message.”

With his substantial experience in social media, we asked Nick what advice he has for other students looking to become an influencer.

“Never take your audience for granted.  Always network with them, build rapport because they’re the reason your there. Make sure you never post for the sake of it, post to give value to people. If you’re not doing that then people won’t want to follow you in the long term.”

You can find/follow Nick at

As well as Nick we’ve had stories on the AIIMM group about other BMktgMedia influencers, such as Rochelle De Sousa (class of 2018), James Vodicka (class of 2017) and Adriana Jennings (class of 2014). Does anyone know about any other influencers in our group? Could be a more in-depth story coming…

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