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Wanna know more about MQ’s Marketing and Media degree and where ex-students are now? Well, we are so happy to bring to you the next inspiring alumni in our “Spotlight On” series.

Katelyn* is an MQ graduate, having completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Media in 2017. During her time at MQ, she acquired some experience in Marketing and Communications and later, after her graduation, started her journey in Law.

When we asked Katelyn why she chose Marketing and Media in the first place, the 2017 MQ graduate told us;

“I chose to study at Macquarie as they were the only university at the time that recognised the inherent relationship between Marketing and Media. I enjoyed the fact that in my later years of study, I would have exposure to subjects which really combined content from both disciplines as opposed to studying these in two separate streams.

The highlight of my degree was being able to work with genuine organisations, such as Pepsi Australia, to showcase my theoretical knowledge in a practical way. It was great exposure and an incredible opportunity for industry feedback.

I would absolutely pick this degree again. ” 

Throughout her time at Macquarie, Katelyn gained some Marketing experience and practised the knowledge she learned in the Marketing and Media. We asked what advice she has for students looking to obtain some internship experience.

“If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to engage in as much work experience as possible! This is for two reasons.

Experience provides you with a fantastic platform to enhance your practical skills and really understand how the industry operates. It will also set you apart from other graduates when you are applying for jobs, future employers like to see that you have a genuine interest in the field and are willing to work for an opportunity.

The experience was invaluable.” 

Katelyn has gained some great professional experience and when asked what was the most valuable, she said that they all had great quality and impacted her career in their own ways.

“Each exposed [me] to an entirely different type of business. My first internship was with a start up yoga and culture magazine, I learn’t the value of working from the ground up and the importance of growing awareness. The NSW Business Chamber provided me with a new experience, in that it was based in a corporate environment.”

With her substantial professional experience, starting with internships up till her current role at the Woolworths Group, Katelyn has provided some advice for recent graduates of MQ’s Marketing and Media degree.

“Throw yourself into volunteer internships and experience, practice your interview skills using mock questions and be confident in your approach. Finally, be interested. It is very easy for an employer to gauge that you do not have a genuine drive to be part of the industry.”

Following her experience with the Bachelor of Marketing and Media, Katelyn is currently continuing more studies and is acquiring a Bachelor of Laws degree, majoring in Corporate and Commercial Law at Macquarie University.

We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and we hope you’ve all learned from Katelyn’s experiences and see what it’s like to be a graduate from MQ’s Marketing and Media degree.

*Last name of this interviewee has been removed at the request of the interviewee. 

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